About Green 2.0

Green 2.0 is dedicated to increasing racial and ethnic diversity across the mainstream environmental movement. With support from influential environmental chief executives in philanthropy, Green Groups and elected leaders, Green 2.0 has:

  • Catalyzed a first-of-its-kind diversity data transparency initiative focused on the nation’s largest mainstream environmental NGOs and funders, to improve accountability and track progress.
  • Engaged leaders like Tom Steyer and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to headline solutions-focused forums focused on the need to accelerate change; Congressman Grijalva penned an op-ed in support.
  • Demonstrated the abundant supply of talented leaders of color in the field and shared best practices
  • Timeline of Our Progress


    • Green 2.0 Convenes
    September, 2014
    • Danielle Deane becomes Green 2.0's inaugural executive director

    July 29, 2014

    • Green 2.0 Public Launch!
    • Taylor “Green Ceiling” Report hits headlines, including the Washington Post
    • Webinar draws 400 people (many others unable to join)
    • Select Green Group CEOs back Green 2.0

    September 19, 2014

    • Rhea Suh – First person of color to Lead Mainstream NGO (NRDC)

    October 16, 2014

    • GuideStar, D5 Team with Green 2.0: First Ever Initiative to Set Transparent Diversity Data Baseline for Sector

    November 12, 2014

    • EPA Administrator Headlines DC “Breaking Green Ceiling” Forum, Endorses Green 2.0’s call for data
    • New America Media partnership helps draw packed room and media coverage
    • 6 Major NGOs commit to publicly share diversity data
    • Formal letter to largest NGOs and funders inviting them to share diversity data by deadline

    March 9, 2015

    • Tom Steyer Headlines Green 2.0 Forum in San Francisco
    • Several Influential Environmental Funders Join Diversity Data Initiative

    April 22, 2015

    • Green 2.0 Hosts Earth Day Press Call
    • Highlights NGOs sharing and not sharing data
    • 25 NGOs, 8 Foundations Submit Data to GuideStar

    May 18, 2015

    • Aaron Mair First African American Elected Board President, Sierra Club

    June 2015

    • Hewlett, Kresge, Ford, Rockefeller Brother Fund, Bullitt, Wilburforce co-sign letter asking foundation peers to share diversity data by August 15th, then extend to Sept. 15th

    July 2015

    • Leadership at Work Launches, celebrating abundant supply of leaders of color

    January 2016

    • Published Volume 5 of Leadership at Work series

    March 2016

    • Hosted a panel discussion at South by Southwest's interactive conference on diversity in the environmental movement

    April 2016

    • Whitney Tome starts as new Executive Director

    June 2016

    • Hosted a feature presentation at the OUT for Sustainability’s Fab Planet Summit, the foremost LGBTQ summit on the intersection of environment, society, and identity
    • Published Volume 6 of Leadership at Work series

    July 2016

    • 70 Environmental Leaders call on Congress to diversify all federal agencies relevant to environmental policy
    • Co-sponsored panel during the Democratic National Convention on how to advance diversity in the progressive movement

    October 2016

    • Hosted interactive workshop at South by Southwest Eco on diversity best practices around readiness, recruitment, and retention (the 3Rs)
    • Published Volume 7 of Leadership at Work series

    December 2016

    • Published first of its kind report, Diversity Derailed: Limited Demand, Effort and Results in Environmental C-Suite Searches
    • 33 of the top 40 eNGOs and 31 of the top 80 foundations have submitted their diversity data via GuideStar -- plus an additional 12 of the top 80 foundations have pledged to share their data.