Naomi Davis

Naomi Davis is founder/CEO of BIG.™  She is an urban theorist, attorney, activist, and proud granddaughter of Mississippi sharecroppers.  Her heritage forms the foundation for BIG’s course in Grannynomics/The Conservation Lifestyle™ and its emerging “urban homestead” mixed-use real estate developments.  Naomi authored and teaches The 8 Principles of Green-Village-Building™ – training activists and everyday neighbors to lead where they live in establishing “walkable-villages” within a “City of Villages” – where every household can walk-to-work, walk-to-shop, walk-to-learn, walk-to-play.  She has taught Grannynomics™ and Green-Village-Building™ as an open enrollment 3-semester course at the University of Chicago/Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture, and in shorter formats – one week, full- and half-day workshops, as well as in one-hour and keynote lengths for schools, organizations, churches, and events across the country.

Naomi is a Green For All Fellow, LEED GA, and a certified teacher of the environmental literacy curriculum, Roots of Success, NCCER/Maritime, and Marine and Spatial & Marine Coastal Planning. Her leadership of BIG™ has been recognized with the Governor Environmental Hero Award, the Chicago Magazine Green Award, Jewel‐Osco Environmental Stewardship Prize, and Ebony Magazine Power100.  In 2011 Naomi served on Chicago’s Mayoral Transition Team for Energy, Environment, and Public Space, and as 1 of 100 international thought leaders at Groupon’s First Annual Chicago Ideas Week. In 2014 Naomi received ComEd’s Power of One Community Heroes Award.  She lives in West Woodlawn, across from BIG’s first “Sustainability Teaching Garden” of their square-mile sustainability plan, “The West Woodlawn Botanic Garden & Village Farm Initiative.”


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