Mathy Stanislaus

Mathy Stanislaus was nominated by President Obama to be the Assistant Administrator in EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) and began in his service on 2009 after U.S. Senate confirmation. A chemical engineer and environmental lawyer with over 20 years’ of private and public sector experience. He is leading the effort to transition to a life-cycle based sustainable materials management. He is represented the United States in the G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency the first G7 effort to advance a circular economy through materials recovery. He led the finalization of the Definition of Solid Waste rule to advance providing protections for vulnerable communities from the mismanagement of recycling facilities while fostering the increased manufacturing opportunities of recycling of recovered materials. He leads EPA’s efforts to advance the Obama Administration’s Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership, the Administration’s effort to expand manufacturing opportunities. Mr. Stanislaus was recognized by the Council of Development Finance Agencies for his efforts to align EPA’s brownfield resources with local development finance, winning their 2014 Excellence in Development Finance Award. He established the innovative EPA Area Wide Brownfields grant program, to enable the development of community-wide improvement plans and infrastructure investments to catalyze equitable community redevelopment opportunities.

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