Gala Goodwin

“Perfecting the Craft; Building a Reputation.” Gala has the pleasure of leading, navigating and managing organization culture change process around equity, diversity and inclusion. Aligning hearts and minds; changing behaviors, and building equitable systems.

Overall, Gala has been characterized as a dynamic change leader, self-motivated multimedia strategist, scholar, educator and community leader and brings more than 10 years of experience in communications, project management, facilitation, instruction, writing, events management, and community engagement.

Any opportunity Gala has ever embarked has always pulled on every experience Gala ever had. Stepping into culture change has been no different exhausting talents, resources, and experiences, and in turn being replenished by the joy of positive impact. Goodwin’s journey has been characterized by a whirlwind of opportunities—some strategic, mostly divine, but nonetheless, “Great experiences groom greatness.”


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