Our Strategic Vision

Green 2.0 is a 501(c)3 independent advocacy campaign to increase racial diversity among environmental organizations. Green 2.0 believes in a powerful, winning environmental movement grounded in equity and inclusion. Given that support for environmental causes is highest among people of color and the reality that they are most impacted by environmental problems, the movement should be accessible, welcoming, and open to them at the highest levels. In the 21st century, the success of environmental causes will be based on our ability to transform into more just, inclusive, and relevant organizations and movements.

Our History

Launched in 2014 as a working group of thought leaders at the intersection of the environment and race, Green 2.0 commissioned the first report of its kind, “The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations” authored by University of Michigan professor Dorceta Taylor, and followed up its groundbreaking research with additional initiatives including a GuideStar partnership and tracking of demographic data, reports on executive searches organizational culture, and “3R Forums” focused on helping NGOs implement better policies for readiness, recruitment and retention.

Our Strategy

Green 2.0 drives accountability via information and visibility— including praise and exposure of individual NGOs, foundations, and government agencies—and their collective work on national initiatives and priorities. We elevate and sustain public attention on the racial demographics of the leadership of environmental field and the degree to which these leaders are positioned to embed equity and shape the strategies, programs, and operations of their organizations.

Our Infrastructure

As Green 2.0 builds on the foundation of its first years, we will strengthen our infrastructure by designating staff roles that are dedicated solely to the organization, expanding and strengthening the role of our board, and honing collaboration with key partners via advisory groups and potential annual convenings.

Our Work Moving Forward

Data Transparency: We will lean in on our work to collect and report organizational-level data on NGO and funder demographics and practices by updating and modernizing the tools we use to track progress.

Movement Tracking: We will track and publicize the demographics and content of the largest annual environmental convenings, and evaluate whether and how justice and equity are embedded in the biggest environmental political campaigns and policy fights of the coming years.

Public Attention: We will work through traditional and new media to spread the narrative of the growing power of people of color and the importance of justice and equity to environmental progress in public discussions and in the framing of environmental issues.

Rewarding Leadership: We will publicize the NGO and foundation leaders who are leveraging their power and privilege to engage, fund, and provide access to people of color. This includes how funders are encouraging and supporting grantees to deepen their equity work.